Couples Counseling

I support all individuals explore the challenges they are experiencing in the relationships, what is valued in the relationship, and what might be preferred. Throughout our work skills may be developed to manage problems, to be aware of oneself, and to support the partner. Though there will be skills and exploration done together, individual therapy is highly encouraged for all participants. In our space what is explored will be shared and witnessed by the partner to support understanding as well as connection. I have observed it as extremely valuable to have individual therapy as a space outside of couples to reflect on the work and explore ones own preferences or needs. While the goal of couples is to navigate towards a mutually identified future that is preferred; sometimes our work may lead to individuals finding what might be best is to separate and navigate the future separately. Therapy is a journey and throughout our time working together we may be able to stay moving towards one direction or find another. I will be there to support you all along the way wherever our work leads.


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