Relationship Support

Throughout my years of gaining experience as a clinician I have supported people in identifying distance and closeness they might want in certain relationships. I have found value in working with families, friends, and others identified as significant to the person I am working with at the time. I have supported children in sharing ideas with their families and navigating relationships among the different members. I have also worked with parents who have had worries or sought support in shifting their approach or relationship with their kids. I have discussed with some the benefits of being vulnerable and the cultural ideas that may impair being open with individuals in their daily lives. I support identifying helpful boundaries and finding compromise when boundaries may not always be agreed upon. Relationships can be influenced by many environmental factors and I support individuals in identifying their own values as well as what might be shared with the other. Relationships are a fluid part of one's life and I look forward to witnessing others continue to progress regarding who they want to be in relationships and navigate the relationships they might want to have in their lives.


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