Early on in my career  I had the privilege of getting trained and working with children who were given the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I supported them and their families to develop social skills and emotional regulation skills. Over years my training broadened to consider helping individuals who have  been neurodivergent in many ways; perhaps due to challenges with attention, management of energy, or emotion. I have helped some understand some cultural ideas or rules that are not always clear. I explore how to help them understand what is happening so that they might develop language and skills to communicate with peers, friends, and families. Depending on what might be helpful I try to meet every person where they are at that day and incorporate visuals, schedules, or breaks as may be helpful in the session.  I do not often focus on labels or diagnosis. I explore with individuals language that may be helpful to communicate their needs to others or might help them access resources in the community, which may at times include a label or diagnosis. As a counselor with experience in helping individuals that may be considered neurodivergent I look forward to continuing to provide a space of support to individuals in becoming themselves as well as communicating that self to the world around them. 


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